CSDG Technologies aims to formalize the informal sector of India. With the UN development goals in mind and a sense of social responsibility, the firm recognizes the societal needs of India and intends to create meaningful opportunities for the working class and immense possibilities for the consumer base of the nation.

"The Indian Economy has its fair share of issues but what we believe to be the most prominent is the informal nature of the chunk of our economic output. This has led to a multitude of problems, both on the labor and consumer side. CSDG Technologies is our humble attempt to tackle the humongous informal sector and formalize the services through technology. We aim to deliver products and platforms that solve problems and create efficient solutions, alongside improving the lives of all household and labor in India."

~ Founder & Co-founder
Dhananjay Baweja and Chaitanya Baweja

Our Mission

Our mission is to generate opportunities for the informal sector and their efficient participation as the workforce and to provide a seamless experience to our consumers. For this, we wish to employ technology as a focussed domain and to rely on it for the creation of real economic value. We wish for our contributions to have a substantial influence on India's progress through the 21st century.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a formalized Indian workforce with a real change towards the outlook of various services. We wish to propel India into the digital age by bringing all services on the online platform, thus eliminating informal markets and establishing information symmetry in markets. We believe this will eliminate price discrimination and would benefit workers and consumers alike.

Our Core Values


It stands for communication within the organisation regarding a problem or any development.


It stands for a strategy to solve the problem or develop something new


It stands for development of solutions based on the strategy.


It stands for growth after solving the problem or developing something new

Our Product

Map My Service is your one-stop solution for all household chores, hassle-free. We are here to provide all your required services like Maids, Cooks, and Laundry on a subscription basis. We will manage all of your efforts and provide all the services at the convenience of our customers.

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